2019 Racing Results

2019 Hawk Champions Cup @ 15/9

2019 Typhoon Trophy Final

British Sharpie Championships  @ Wells   

European Sharpie Championships @ Itchenor SC


15th Sep Hawk Autumn Points

15th Sep Autumn Points 

31st Aug August Points

31st Aug Hawk August Points

26th Aug Jamieson Cup

26th Aug Hawk Bank Holiday Series 

25th Aug Borthwick Trophy

24th Aug Junior Jamieson Cup

24th Aug Cockle Races 

24th Aug Regatta Cup 

23rd Aug Harbour Fleet Sailing Week 

23rd Aug Sea Fleet Sailing Week

18th Aug Hawk Island Series

18th Aug  Adams Cup

13th Aug Topper & Laser Trophies

11th Aug Junior Fun Races

4th Aug Junior Summer Series

2nd Aug Oram Trophy

28th Jul Air Ambulance

28th Jul Hawk Air Ambulance

28th Jul Junior Air Ambulance

27th Jul Pat Adams Cup for Ladies

27th Jul Junior Shipwrecked Mariners

27th Jul Hawk Summer Series 

21st Jul Asymmetric Series

14th Jul Summer Points

14th Jul Junior Summer Cup

13th Jul Bateson Cup

7th Jul Roger Atkins Black Tie Race

6th Jul David Johnson Plate

29th Jun Victory Half Hull

23rd Jun W H Loose Challenge Trophy

15th Jun Cory Wright Cup

9th Jun Laser Millenium Cup

2nd Jun Club Cups

27th May Junior Whitsun Series

27th May Hawk Whitsun Series

27th May Whitsun Series

26th May Silver Jubilee

19th May No Racing (Mist)

18th May Hawk  

18th May Kendal Cup 

12th May  Lester Southerland Tiller

6th May Drascombe Trophy

6th May Hawk Mayday Series

5th May RNLI Pennant

4th May Racing Cancelled

28th Apr Hawk Spring Series

28th Apr Spring Points

22nd Apr Golden Jubilee 

22nd Apr Hawk Easter Series 

21st Apr Easter Egg Race

20th Apr Captains Cup

14th Apr Hawk First on Water

14th Apr First on Water



2018 Racing Results

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2018 Typhoon Trophy 

2018 Hawk Champions Cup 


20 Oct October Points

14 Oct Hawk Autumn Points

13 Oct Too Windy

06 Oct No entrants

30 Sep Les Dye Trophy

22 Sep Autumn Points

08 Sep No entrants

27 Aug Jamieson Cup

27 Aug Hawk August Points

26 Aug Junior Jamieson Cup

26 Aug Borthwick Trophy

25 Aug Cockle Races

25 Aug  Regatta Cup

20-24 Aug Brancaster Week Harbour Fleet 

20-24 Aug Brancaster Week Sea Fleets 

19 Aug August Points

18 Aug Topper and Laser Trophies

16 Aug Junior Allcomers Race

16 Aug Junior Air Ambulance Race

11 Aug Adams Cup RTI

11 Aug Hawk Island Series

04 Aug Junior Shipwrecked Mariners

04 Aug David Johnson Plate

04 Aug Pat Adams Cup for Ladies

03 Aug Junior Summer Series

29 Jul Air Ambulance Race

28 Jul Oram Trophy at BSSC

28 Jul Summer Points

22 Jul Lester Southerland Tiller for Sharpies

15 Jul RTI Abandoned Lack of Power

14 Jul No Race

07 Jul Morston Cocklers Invitation Race

01 Jul Hawk Weekend

24 Jun Hawk Summer Points

24 Jun Laser & 2000 Weekend

18 Jun British Sharpie Championship

10 Jun Club Cups

03 Jun No wind No race

02 Jun Cory Wright Cup

28 May No Racing - Mist

27 May Silver Jubilee Cup

27 May Hawk Whitsun Series

26 May Whitsun Regatta Cup

20 May Collins Cup Pursuit

20 May  Hawk Spring Points

19 May Kendal Cup Harbour Race

07 May Drascombe Trophy Pursuit

07 May Hawk May Day Series

06 May RNLI Pennant

05 May Shipwrecked Mariners

28 Apr  April Points 

08 Apr  No racing

02 Apr  No Entrants

01 Apr  Hawk Easter Series

01 Apr  Golden Jubilee

31-Mar  First on Water/Hawk Easter abandoned insufficient wind




2017 Racing Results

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I'm off no more racing this year.  Thanks to everybody involved in supporting the racing.


2017 Prize Winners

2017 Typhoon Trophy Final

Hawk Champions Cup 2017 Final


28/29 Oct  No entries

21/22 Oct  Inclement Weather due to Storm Brian

15 Oct October Points

15 Oct Hawk Autumn Points

30 Sep Autumn Points

24 Sep Les Dye

09 Sep Idler Bowl

02 Sep No racing

28 Aug Borthwick Trophy

28 Aug Hawk August Points

27 Aug Cockle Races

27 Aug Adams Cup

26 Aug Jamieson Cup

25 Aug Topper and Laser Trophies

23 Aug Junior Air Ambulance 

20 Aug Regatta Cup

18 Aug Brancaster Week Sea Fleets

18 Aug Brancaster Week Harbour Fleets 

13 Aug August Points

12 Aug David Johnson Plate

11 Aug Junior Summer Series

05 Aug 12 and Under Fun Race Winners  - Sammy Tyler and Henry Shippey.

29 Jul Hawk Bateson Cup

28 Jul Oram Trophy

25 Jul Junior Shipwrecked Mariners

23 Jul No Racing

22 Jul Roger Atkins Black Tie Race & RTI Class Cups

22 Jul Hawk Summer Points

16 Jul Laser & 2000 Weekend 

09 Jul No racing

08 Jul Victory Half Hull

02 Jul Hawk Weekend

25 Jun Cory Wright Cup

24 Jun Summer Points

17 Jun Hawk Summer Points

11 Jun Kendal Cup

04 Jun Club Cups 

04 Jun Hawk Spring Points

29 May Whitsun Regatta

29 May Junior Whitsun Series 

29 May Hawk Whitsun Series

28 May Silver Jubilee

21 May Lester Southerland Tiller

14 May Collins Cup

13 May Spring Points

06/07 May No racing

01 May Drascombe Trophy

30 Apr RNLI Pennant

29 Apr Shipwrecked Mariners

23 Apr April Points  (No Entrants on 23rd Apr)

17 Apr Easter Egg Race 

17 Apr Hawk Easter

16 Apr Junior Easter Series

16 Apr Captains Cup

15 Apr Golden Jubilee

08 Apr  First on Water



 Sailwave Website 

Please see below for Portsmouth Yardstick numbers for 2017 season. (subject to Sailing Committee confirmation).

Class Name No. of Crew Rig Spinnaker Number Change from '16
12 SqM Sharpie       1031 BSSC
2000 2 S A 1107 6
ALBACORE 2 S 0 1041 -4
FIREBALL 2 S C 959 -5
Hawk 20       1128 BSSC
LASER 1 U 0 1097 2
LASER 4.7 1 U 0 1200 5
LASER 4000/ 4000 2 S A 917 -3
LASER RADIAL 1 U 0 1139 3
MIRROR 2 S C 1383 0
RS 100 10.2 1 U A 978 0
RS 200 2 S A 1047 0
RS 400 2 S A 942 -1
RS FEVA XL 2 S A 1240 5
TOPPER 1 U 0 1347 6
WAYFARER 2 S C 1102 -5





2016 Racing Results

2016 - Typhoon Trophy

2016 - Hawk Champions Cup Final

23rd Oct - Trafalgar Series

9th Oct - Hawk Autumn Series 

8th Oct - October Points

11th Sep - Autumn Points  

3rd Sep - Hawk Battson Trophy

3rd Sep - Ad Hoc Handicap

29th Aug - Borthwick Trophy

29th Aug - Hawk August Series

27th Aug - Cockle Series

27th Aug - Jamieson Cup

25th Aug - Junior Jamieson Cup

25th Aug - Topper & Laser Trophies

21st Aug - Adams Cup

14th Aug - Junior Summer Series

14th Aug - Regatta Cup

14th Aug - Adhoc Sharpies

13th Aug - Junior Air Ambulance

13th Aug - Air Ambulance

12th Aug - Sailing Week Harbour Fleets

12th Aug - Sailing Week Sea Fleets

7th Aug - August Points

6th Aug - David Johnson Plate

3rd Aug - Oram Trophy

31st Jul - No Wind

30th Jul - Summer Points

30th Jul - Hawk Summer Points

23rd Jul - Cory Wright Cup

17th Jul - Victory Half Hull

10th Jul - Asymmetric Weekend

10th Jul - Laser Millenium

3rd Jul - no entrants

2nd Jul - RTI & Roger Atkins Harbour Race

26th Jun - Hawk Weekend

19th Jun - New Clubhouse Cup

12th Jun -  Sharpie British Championships

4th Jun - Kendal Cup through the Creek

29th May - Junior Whitsun Series

29th May - Hawk Whitsun Series

29th May - Silver Jubilee

28th May - Whitsun Regatta Cup

21st May - Spring Points

15th May - Lester Southerland Tiller

2nd May - Ladies Racing (Hawk Race will be rescheduled)

1st May - Drascombe Trophy 

1st May - Hawk Spring Series

30th Apr - RNLI Pennant 

17th Apr - No wind, no water, no sailors!

10th Apr - Shipwrecked Mariners 

2nd/3rd Apr - No Entrants

26th/27th/28th Mar - Too windy

25th Mar - First on the Water   

25th Mar - Hawk Easter Mini Series 



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2015 Racing Results

2015 - Typhoon Trophy

20th Sep - Trafalgar Cup

20th Sep - Hawk Autumn Points

12th Sep - Autumn Points

6th Sep - Asymmetric Open Weekend

31st Aug - Borthwick Trophy

30th Aug - Insufficient Wind

29th Aug - Insufficient Wind

26th Aug - Laser/Topper Trophy

24th Aug - Junior Jamieson Cup

23rd Aug - No Racing Too Windy

22nd Aug - Bottle of Bubbly Race

22nd Aug - Hawk August points

22nd Aug - Junior Summer Series

21st Aug - Brancaster Week Sea Fleets

21st Aug - Brancaster Harbour Fleet

16th Aug - Pat Adams Ladies Race

16th Aug - August Points

15th Aug - Hawk David Johnson Plate

15th Aug - Stiffkey Cockle Races 

10th Aug - Oram Trophy  (16 or Under on day of race)

26th - 31st Jul - Sharpie European Championships 

19th Jul - Roger Atkins Black Tie Trophy & RTI Class Cups

18th Jul - Summer Points

18th Jul - Hawk Summer Points

12th Jul - Sharpie Races

5th Jul - Hawk Weekend

5th Jul - Victory Half Hull - no entries

28th Jun - British Sharpie Championships 

21st Jun -  Millenium Cup

14th Jun - Lester Southerland Tiller 

7th Jun - Kendle Cup

6th Jun - No Racing too windy

31st May - No Racing Too Windy

30th May - Spring Points

30th May - Hawk Spring Points 

25th May- Whitsun Regatta Cup

25th May - Junior RNLI Pennant

25th May - Hawk Whitsun Series

24th May - Junior Shipwreck Mariners Pennant

24th May - Silver Jubilee Cup

17th May - Drascombe Trophy

16th May - Adams Cup (Thornham Crusher) not RTI

9th May - Too Windy (Pat Adams Cup now 16th Aug and Hawk Battson Ladies Race 31st May)

4th May - Golden Jubilee

3rd May - Club Cups 

2nd May - RNLI Pennant

26th Apr - Class Spring Cups

19th Apr - April Points 

12th Apr - Windy Again! 

11th Apr - Race Abandoned Wind.

6th Apr - Fog No Race

5th Apr - No Wind No Race

4th Apr - Hawk Easter Mini Series

4th Apr - Easter Egg Race

28th/29th March First on the Water - False Start Too Windy.





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2014 Racing Results                  

Results Published

2014 - Typhoon Trophy 

18th Oct - Trafalgar Series

12th Oct - October Points No entrants to this Series

12th Oct - Hawk Autumn Series 

28th Sep - Leslie Dye Cup

20th Sep - Autumn Points 

14th Sep - Jamieson Cup

13th Sep - Roger Atkins Black Tie Trophy

31st Aug - Asymmetric Series

8th Aug - Mirror Typhoon

24th Aug - Regatta Cup

24th Aug - Hawk August Series 

23rd Aug - Stiffkey Cockle Races

23rd Aug - Jubilee Bowl

23rd Aug - Junior Air Ambulance

22nd Aug - Junior Topper & Laser Trophy

16th Aug - Junior Jamieson Cup

16th Aug - Malcolm Collins Race

16th Aug - Hawk Ladies Race

15th Aug - Sailing Week  Sea Fleets

15th Aug - Sailing Week Harbour Fleets

10th Aug - No Sailing Too Windy

9th Aug - Oram Trophy after Passage Race

9th Aug - Summer Points

2nd Aug - David Johnson Plate 

26th Jul - Cory-Wright Cup

20th Jul - Lester Southerland Tiller

12th Jul - Air Ambulance Race

12th Jul - Hawk Summer Series 


6th Jul - Victory Half Hull`

28th Jun - Laser Millenium Cup

22nd Jun - Midsummer Series

15th Jun - Harbour Race  Alternative to Kendle Cup (Not Sailed)

14th Jun - Idler Bowl

1st Jun - Sharpie Summer Series 

26th May - Junior Whitsun

26th May - Hawk Whitsun races

26th May - Whitsun Regatta Cup 

25th May - Junior Shipwrecked Mariners

18th May - Adams Cup

17th May - RNLI Pennant No race Calm

11th May - Pat Adams Cup  No Race Windy

5 May - Class Club Cups 

5 May - Hawk Spring Series 

4 May - Silver Jubilee Cup

4 May - Adhoc Typhoon Mirror & Topper

3 May - Wreck Trophy

26 April - Shipwrecked Mariners

21 April - April Points 

21 April - Junior Easter races 

20 April - Golden Jubilee 

12 April - Captains Cup

5 April - Spring Points

29 March -  Class Spring Cup

22/23 March - First on the Water.  



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