Brancaster Staithe Sailing Club

Open Day Sunday 10th May 2015 from 10.00 am

We look forward to welcoming you for the BSSC Open Day.

Below is some information that will help the day run smoothly and help you enjoy your first go at sailing.


Travelling and Arriving:

The club is at Harbour Way, Main Road, Brancaster Staithe, Kings Lynn PE31 8BW.

There is limited parking at the club and on Harbour Way and the grass verges to Harbour Way. You may find you have to park on Main Road and stroll a few yards to the club. Please present yourselves at the Clubhouse and “sign in”. We cannot guarantee the security of items left in our changing rooms while you are afloat so it is sensible to leave valuable items or items that would suffer from getting wet in the glove box of your car: money, wallets, watches, mobile phones and so on.


Facilities at the Clubhouse:

There will be free teas and coffees and biscuits all day. The bar will be open over the lunch period and it serves good food.  If it’s a nice sunny day it’s a lovely place just to hang out for the afternoon. There is a carpeted bar/lounge, a “wet “area (if you come off the water soggy) where you can eat, and a patio / garden for sitting out if the weather is fine.  There are male and female changing rooms and conveniences. For more orientation information see the club website and the facebook page. 


Sailing arrangements:

Sailing takes place in Brancaster Harbour. From the sailing club, the harbour is accessed by boat via a tidal creek. Sailing can take place from about 1 ½ hours before high tide until about 1 ½ hours after high tide. On Open Day high tide is at 11.15 am  so we can get you afloat from 10.00 until about 12.45. We will be ferrying sailors from the club down the creek to the harbour from where they will sail. Ferrying will start from 10.00. In order to get afloat you need to be at the club ready to be ferried to the beach by 11.30 at the latest.



You must wear what is directed by club members, and behave as directed by club members. If you do not, then we will refuse to take you afloat.


What to wear / bring with you.

If you have sailed before and/or have access to your own sailing kit please bring it.
It is hugely important that you wear clothes appropriate for sailing. Hopefully the weather will be warm and pleasant with a perfect sailing breeze. This is unlikely! Be prepared for windy and chilly conditions; if you are prepared it will still be great fun.

Bear in mind you may have to stay on the beach for a while waiting for a go in a boat or the ferry to take you back up the creek. Bear in mind too that you will get wet up to your knees when getting in and out of sailing boats.

  • Suitable sailing shoes; laced trainers, deck shoes, sailing shoes (with socks) or wetsuit boots, (no flip-flops/bare feet).
  • Warm clothing; fleeces or jumpers and a  warm hat
  • A towel

If you don't have a wetsuit, leggings or tracksuit trousers are suitable (not jeans) as well as waterproof trousers, fleece or jumper and wooly hat. If you would like to wear gloves, sailing, kitchen or gardening gloves are perfectly suitable.

Mark Foley


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