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BSSC Junior Races Sailing Schedule for 2018

Hi there!

I hope you are all as excited about the upcoming sailing season as I am. The start may be a trifle cold but it would be great to see any hardy sailor on the water at Easter. Below is a summary of the Junior race schedule for your convenience.

Happy sailing, Alec (JFC)


BSSC Junior Races Sailing Schedule for 2018

(This is available as a download to import into your calendar here - just select the Junior Calendar)

Easter Series 1 Sun 1 April 07.30                     (run with seniors)

Easter Series 2 Mon 2 April 08.00                     (run with seniors)

Whitsun Series 1 Sat 26 May 16.30                     (run with seniors)

Whitsun Series 2 Sun 27 May 17.00                     (run with seniors)

Whitsun Series 3 Mon 28 May 17.30                     (run with seniors)

Oram – BSSC Sat 28 July 07.30    

Oram – Passage Sun 29 July 07.30

Oram – OSSC Mon 30 July 07.45

Summer Series 1&2 Fri 3 Aug 10.30

Allcomers/Air ambulance Thurs 16 Aug 10.00

Topper & Laser Trophies 1&2 Sat 18 Aug 11.30

Topper & Laser Trophies 3&4 Sun 19 Aug 12.30

Junior Jamieson Cup Sun 26 Aug 07.30

Junior AGM Sun 26 Aug 10.30

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