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BSSC Junior Races Sailing Schedule for 2018

Hi there!

I hope you are all as excited about the upcoming sailing season as I am. The start may be a trifle cold but it would be great to see any hardy sailor on the water at Easter. Below is a summary of the Junior race schedule for your convenience.

Happy sailing, Alec (JFC)


BSSC Junior Races Sailing Schedule for 2018

(This is available as a download to import into your calendar here - just select the Junior Calendar)

Easter Series 1 Sun 1 April 07.30                     (run with seniors)

Easter Series 2 Mon 2 April 08.00                     (run with seniors)

Whitsun Series 1 Sat 26 May 16.30                     (run with seniors)

Whitsun Series 2 Sun 27 May 17.00                     (run with seniors)

Whitsun Series 3 Mon 28 May 17.30                     (run with seniors)

Oram – BSSC Sat 28 July 07.30    

Oram – Passage Sun 29 July 07.30

Oram – OSSC Mon 30 July 07.45

Summer Series 1&2 Fri 3 Aug 10.30

Allcomers/Air ambulance Thurs 16 Aug 10.00

Topper & Laser Trophies 1&2 Sat 18 Aug 11.30

Topper & Laser Trophies 3&4 Sun 19 Aug 12.30

Junior Jamieson Cup Sun 26 Aug 07.30

Junior AGM Sun 26 Aug 10.30


Sail Training 2018

To learn more about Sail Training, and download an application form, please visit www.bsscsailtraining.com